The Grillin’ Kind


Meat-fest, May 2014

I love to grill. Love it.

We cook out most of the year, despite the Midwest weather’s objections. If it’s above zero degrees, we cook. If it’s not a tornado, we cook.

Yes, we stick to staples like burgers, hot dogs and brats. But every once in a while we’ll branch out. Last week we whipped up grilled shrimp with a butter and garlic sauce which landed on rolls for fancy sandwiches.

It doesn’t matter so much what I cook. It’s more the event itself. Grilling, despite its frequency in our household, makes for a special family dinner. It’s a big, delicious deal.

As a dad, I want everyday to be special for my kids. I think that they’ll remember these times fondly. I hope they’ll do the same for their children.

Call me selfish, call me self-centered, but when I see my kids and my wife enjoying a dad-grilled dinner together, it does my heart good. It’s like the feeling I get when giving gifts at Christmas – except this involves a huge amount of meat. Mmmm…meat.

Someday I might have to go to a support group: “Hello, I’m Will and I’m a meat-a-tarian. [Hello, Will.] I started off with burgers and chicken just on the weekends. But then I moved on to turkey breast and pork roast. I started scheduling my day around smoking a hunk of beef. When I bought a second grill just for potatoes and sides, I knew I needed some help.”

If such a support group exists, I bet I’ll get some awesome marinade recipes there. And my family will love it.


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