Kindle Unlimited: Impressive

Kindle Unlimited

I read about the Kindle Unlimited program earlier this week and I thought, “Hmmm…that sounds good…if they have decent titles.”

Well, they do. Plenty of decent titles. And plenty more to be happy about.

I jumped in for my free 30-day trial and I am pretty impressed so far.

In addition to the quality of the content, I wondered if the program allowed for more than one title to be “checked out” at once. If this was another iteration of the current “borrow-one-book-per-month-from-Amazon” program, I’d pass.

Bingo. I actually said “bingo” when I checked out a second title, and then a third, and then a fourth. Oh, and a box set. It looks like the Kindle Unlimited holds pretty true to its name. Point of note – I’m using Kindle Unlimited almost exclusively to read fiction. Non-fiction readers may have a different take on the program.

Another feature of Kindle Unlimited- cancel anytime. Unlike with Amazon Prime (which we also have), this is a month-to-month program. As I understand it, a reader can sign up for a month (two months, five months, whatever) and pay $9.99 monthly. Need a break from all that reading? Cancel and come back when you are ready.

Audio books are somehow tied into this. I don’t care. I’ll take a look at some point in the future, but audio didn’t play into my opt-in decision.

If you’re worried about not actually owning the books, or not having the guarantee that you can read the books again in the future, then I’d say you should break down and buy the books you love. Riddle me this: how many times have you gone back to read a piece of fiction a second time? Not many I gather. I have a handful of books that I love and read again and again. I own those books in paperback. The general fiction I consume is entertainment…one and done.

Now, my next question is this: Since the available titles are those enrolled in the KDP Select program, what happens to me as a reader when those titles leave KDP Select? Can I no longer read those books? Do they disappear from my reading list? What if I grab a title two days before it leaves KDP Select and I don’t finish the book? Time will tell on these questions.

So far, as a reader, I am very happy with the new Kindle Unlimited.

As an author, I think there are A LOT of questions to be answered. Will this benefit me as an author? Will this encourage book sales? How will payments from the global fund compare to actual sales? Again, time is the answer.

Final word – the thirty day free trial is a no-brainer and well worth the one click to enroll. After that, it’s up to the reader to make use of Kindle Unlimited and make it worth the $10 per month investment.

I’m off to tackle that new box set. 🙂

*** UPDATE ***
I’m goofing around tonight, looking at more books I’d like to read and adding them to my Kindle Unlimited list. I just hit the maximum – 10 books. Apparently you get 10 books on your list and that’s it. Once you hit 10, the system will ask you to “return” one of the books on the list before you are allowed to check out more.



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