Where ya been?

Vacation 2016

Florida. On the Gulf. And it was fantastic. A full week of floating in emerald water and basking (read: burning) in the summer sun.

But…I see I haven’t written anything here in about a year. Whoops! Remember…I have five kids and a wife. 🙂

In that time I did manage to get some work done. I finished the first two books in my technothriller / hard science fiction series. Those titles will be out in the coming weeks. I also published four cozy mystery titles under a pen name, and I am working on the fifth in that series right now.

I also managed to restain our deck, tear out about 4 tons of lava rock around the house, add mulch in place of the rock, plant a bunch of greenery, put in a new gable fan with a *working* thermostat, install a new washer and dryer, and BBQ just about as often as possible.

My writing streak is alive and now at around 1 year, 185-ish days. No matter what, I make it a point to get a minimum of around 300 words written every day.

Life is good. I still need a nap.


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