About WM


Writer. Father to five. Married to a saint. In need of a nap.

That about sums it up.

More? OK.

I started working in marketing after college a long, long time ago. I landed my first decent job in the marketing department of a casino where I quickly became the in-house copywriter.

After learning the ropes and knowing I wanted more, I formed my first company with my wife. We served up all sorts of creative to small businesses – catalogs, brochures, web sites, multimedia. Together we wrote, designed, and delivered thousands of projects.

Soon we decided that publishing sounded like a lot of fun. In 2003, we published our first quarterly magazine – full color – with a circulation of about 2,500. The concept was good…the timing was bad. Four issues and done.

In 2008, we launched a small weekly newspaper covering positive stories across the county. Homerun! Over the next few years, we wrote and edited over 1,000 stories for a loyal readership of over 5,000.

Over the course of these years, five beautiful children have made our lives a rich, exciting experience. Along the way, I’ve also worked part-time as a wedding photographer, cartoonist, caricature artist, and a piano tuner.

I’ve got some stories to tell.