NanoHazard Cover FNL 081216

Sometimes, the littlest things can really get under your skin.

The searing pain holds him at the edge of consciousness. He feels his resolve fading as the nanobots feed on his very human flesh. He begs for relief only to absorb more shocking torture in the name of saving his own life.

Watching his friend writhe and tumble under the physical strain makes him want to help and want to run, both at the same time. If he stays and saves him, he’ll know how the experiment turns out. But if he runs, he escapes contamination and the uncomfortable feeling that his friend may not have much life left in him.

What started as a simple home fix-it project turned deadly the moment Harry Jacobs welcomed millions of tiny, blue, glowing creatures into his home.

What started as a research project to repair human tissue at the cellular level turned deadly the moment Dr. Neil McCowan released his nanobots into his neighborhood.

Now the failed-DIY homeowner and the impulsive-but-genius scientist are fighting the nanobots — and the clock —  to contain the spread of the flesh-eating orbs even as they multiply and close in on the unfortunate pair.

The first in his Nano Trilogy, debut author Will Mastin forces us to face the future and the frightening power of rogue science in this grisly new techno thriller.

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